Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking Control ... Part 3 of 3

On the heels of post 1 and post 2 from earlier today I round it out with a couple of images and the link I promised about the bi-weekly payments instead of the twice a month.

Charts like this that do the math are why I want to flood retirement best I can now, I'm 28, hopefully I have 40 years in me (or hopefully I'll retire before that but for numbers sake I went to 68) and bam ... that is a lot of cheese for 10k a year. Check here for a Budgets are Sexy take on the easy millionaire strategy if you start early enough.

And this chart speaks to my comment about how I want to do bi-weekly instead of twice a month payments. (plug in your own numbers here)

* edited to make a picture larger and more readable

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