Sunday, June 28, 2009

A progressive church

At a lunch outing the other day a couple of friends of mine and I talked about church type stuff a bit and without replaying that conversation it did kind of tie into something I recognized this morning. K and I selected our church because it fits well with us (or at least better than other places did). And by saying that it fits into a mold of a church with a traditional type service that is not as judgmental or hypocritical as some churches. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. What caught my attention today was that this church, in having the congregration it does and the mission it does played 3 songs in a row (kind of) with a choir special, an offetory song, and a congregation hymn right before the sermon and what was unique about these 3 songs is that they were 3 different types of songs all in the same sermon, stacked on top of each other, perhaps reaching different groups of the audience.

What I mean by 3 different types of songs is the first (choir song) was that big, fancy, multi-part song that choirs do and no one else does, second was a contemporary-ish song with 3 singers, a piano and guitar and a very contemp sound, the last song was then the very old school "Love Lifted Me". 3 different type in about a 10 minute time period.

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