Sunday, June 28, 2009


So ... many of you who know me personally and read this blog will nod you head up and down when I say that I am a planner and a list man.

I back up this by saying that I truly believe the way to accomplish something, really almost anything, is to have a goal, do a little research, form a plan, then execute. Taking this further I am really trying to improve who I am as a person, not necessarily as the Zen thing (but that's part of it), but in many areas. So the way to do this IMO is to figure out what needs some help and then come up with a plan and try and execute to the best of my ability.

I have done this with my job. I haven't actually blogged about that as I don't necessarily want to put it out there on the web for other librarain's I might compete against a job for might try and use my strategy to my demise. Remote possibility, of course, but I am competing against other master researchers so it's not worth the risk IMO.

I have more recently done this with our finances which I blogged about in several posts which can most easily be found using this label.

So since I have those to on what is basically auto-pilot I need to figure out what is next. One that leaps to the forefront is my health. I take a lot more scripts than I did 2 years ago and I've lost at one point 47 pounds but I'm back up about 15. On some level I have to figure out what is most important to me, is it really chips and steaks or the fact I could stop taking meds and probably live a whole lot longer.

Also on the possible chart that I'm thinking of are being much better informed concerning religion and seeking out my personal beliefs about this. I can float along being like I am but I think if I push myself I can have more peace in myself and hopefully be a more productive christian.

I guess the third thing I am kinda thinking about is about cranking up what I call experiences. Both K and I would like to travel more and experience more things and the way to make this a better reality is to not just float along and miss possible opportunities but plan it out.

This exercise is not done as some oppressive list that makes you feel bad but as a method that gives you guidance and peace because you know that following the plan you can get to it eventually. It just gives an order to the world and as the famous quote gets paraphrased "The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown".

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