Monday, June 29, 2009

Planning taking better care of myself

Let me start by saying I don't come from the best genetic background, you name it my dad has probably had it: heart attack, diabetes, cancer twice, kidney stones, gout, congestive heart failure, heart valve replaced, electrical issue with the heart, and other stuff I'm sure I've forgotten about. So, knowing the bad genetic hand I've been dealt I have to start taking better care of myself than being a 28 year old who is 5-8 and weighs 243 who in the past year has been put on BP and Cholesterol medicine and had a very minor gastro surgery.

I'm going to try and build a plan much like I did with finances, put down some of my research and my personal plan. This is an early draft as I write it on June 29th and I plan to update and bump it as we go along.

1. Formulate a plan of where I am at and where I want to go.
2. Identify my strengths and weaknesses
3. Come up with a plan to execute and get this fat guy into better shape.

Random thoughts that currently lack order:

First thoughts on goals:
  • Lose 21 pounds in 7.5 weeks which is my 29th birthday. This would put me at 222, the record low for me in probably 5 years time (and where I was early last August)
  • Be able to go back to that other brown belt. (I had to change belts when I started gaining back)
  • The look test. I really only gained back 20 pounds but it made my face look remarkably different, I want that other look back (and don't believe the HR baloney, thin people get jobs instead of fat people)

Things to do ?:
  • exercise more often
  • crank up intensity of workouts
  • get back to lifting weights instead of just cardio stuff
  • improve diet
  • max out water intake
  • plan meals ahead of time
  • much better portion control
  • eat more fruit
  • eat more fiber
Ways to measure the progress or plan ?
  • pure weight loss or gain
  • count calories
  • count points (WW actually worked for me last summer)
  • do measurements using a tailors tape
  • stop eating sugar (has worked terrifically for K)
  • stop intaking caffeine (pretty much have already done this)

Things that are high in fiber that I actually eat:
  • whole grains: oats/barley
  • raisins
  • berries
  • apples with skin
  • kiwi
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • Lima beans
  • almonds
  • dark leafy greens
Things that are my kryptonite:
  • Overeating
  • Mexican food
  • chips
  • sweets (not like chocolate but like Rice Krispie Treats or Skittles)

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msupsy said...

I do eat some sugar, but I try to limit it to only sugars that occur naturally in foods (fruit mainly).