Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft

I admit that I love drafts, NBA & NFL get attention from me and I even read a bit about the MLB draft but it's no where the same. Anyhow, based on the Shaq trade of earlier today a little shaking up of the line-up here is what the Cavs (my favorite team right now) look like.

PG - Mo Williams / D. Gibson
SG - Delonte West / W. Szczerbiak*
SF - LeBron James / C. Eyenga ***
PF - Anderson Varejao** / J. Smith*
C - Shaq / Z. Ilgauskus**

I'm only putting guys who will actually see floor time and while Shaq plus LeBron seems just absolutely super looking at this 9 deep they really aren't that good. Better than last year but still not great. AND

That assumes this is the list
- the * guys are currently free agents but were with the team last year
- the ** guys currently have a players option so they can opt out of his contract if thet want.
- the *** guy is the first round draft pick so who knows of his talent

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