Monday, June 8, 2009


Completely unrelated to the financial stuff which floated in my head most of the day as I worked on mind-numbing database work for hours earlier is Bookmarks in web browsers. I used to be a Firefox guy, loved it, hated IE. Then along came Google Chrome and boy was it fast. To hell with Firefox I love me some Chrome. That is until some things I like to run (like Diigo and my USM online software) didn't work there.

Now Diigo was a great love of mine as I am a bookmarkaholic. And I like to have my home bookmarks and work and visa versa. So, begrudgingly I went back to Firefox b/c the Diigolet just wasn't cutting it for me and it was just easier. Until today ...

Today I consulted with Mr. Know-It-All who occupies the office next to mine (except today as he seemed to spend hours in my office?) but he remarked that Firefox has this thing that used to be called Foxmarks but they changed the name to Xmarks so maybe it would work. Not horrible thinking. Alas it did not BUT being the sometimes dummy I am I completely ignored the best tool a reference librarian has - GOOGLE. Searched Google Chrome Social Bookmarks or something like that and BAM !!!! - Who the hell knew that Google got into the Bookmark thing with Google Bookmarks. It automatically saves it to my google account, which already runs part of my life through the calendar and gdocs, and it is a much smoother to use version of the Diigolet in Chrome.

So there it is, BSquared is recommending Google Bookmarks and I continue my support of Google taking over the world simply b/c I'm lazy and they do a pretty damn good job at solving things I want in the online realm.

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