Monday, June 8, 2009

1/3 the way in, looking at the MLB Standings

Here I posted my MLB prognostications and while a 1/3 of a season doesn't make a champion its enough to kind of look at how things are shaping up.

My pre-season picks (where they are):

NL East - Mets (3 back of Phils)
NL Central - Cardinals (2.5 Back of Brewers)
NL West - Rockies (Ouch, 13 back of Dodgers)
NL Wild Card - Cubs (2 Back of WC leading Cardinals)

AL East - Yankees (1st)
AL Central - White Sox (4.5 back of Det.)
AL West - Angels (4.5 back of Texas)
AL Wild Card - Red Sox (winning WC)

So in reflection only badly off on one, still believe in Angels, Cardinals and Cubs to make up their ground, not so sure about the Mets or White Sox at this point.

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