Sunday, May 3, 2009


This weekend I had the opportunity to catch two movies new to me, Role Models and X-Men: Wolverine. I like both and actually gave both a 4 out of 5 as my rating. Role Models was not necessarily something I was expecting to like but if you are just going in for a comedy and don't mind language and a bit of sexual humor then I recommend.

Yesterday, K and I went to go see Wolverine at the Grand View in Madison, despite some really rude people in the theater (which I don't want to rehash the story at this time) the movie was good, lots of action, it fit well into the the story (and if you don't care for the story then you probably wouldn't have gone to see the 4th installment), and for me I just like the Wolverine character. To me Wolverine is a more likable character for me than a Superman or Spiderman or even the LOTR or Star Wars folks. (Maybe thats b/c I like Vader but its not really PC to say that).

Anyway, in this humble posters opinion I recommend both of these if you get bored. That being said the theater will continue putting out some hot movies as this upcoming weekend is Star Trek, next weekend is Angels & Demons (which I am very excited about) and later in the summer we get Transformers II and the next Harry Potter.

I leave with what I consider the coolest thing since Netflix (which we have kinda grown tired of) - Movie Cube. Movie Cube are basically DVD rental boxes like Coke machines that can be found all sorts of places, you can rent for a dollar a day, debit card, takes about 30 seconds, great, great thing. Now there is no crazy great selection like Netflix but even if Netflix had it on the list you may never get it b/c of delay (My biggest sticking point was we had disc 2 of Big Love on the top of our queue for over 6 weeks before we finally gave up and quit Netflix). In the end it is what it is but I like it and they often have what we are looking for.

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