Sunday, May 3, 2009

Huge week for MSU Basketball Recruiting

As a MSU fan I have to blog about this at least once. Earlier this week we got the news that MSU received a signed LOI for Renardo Sidney, a Power Forward, and at a minimum a Top 15 recruit across all of the recruiting websites and a 5 Star recruit per Sidney is originally from Jackson, MS but more recently who moved to California after he was declared inelliglbe to play in MS after transferring to Piney Woods a couple of years ago. For a long time it was considered that Sidney was gone and would either go to the NBA or be a 1 and done at USC. Sidney pic below

In addition to Sidney the big news on the boards today is the soon to be signing of John Riek. Riek is a 7-2 Sudanese player who is by many reports quite raw but has size that is rare, very rare in college today. Here is a Fox story on Riek and his MSU lean. Riek was a 4 star recruit last year before his knee injury. Riek pick below

These two could join Shaunessy Smith (6-5 guard from Noxubee Co.) and Wendell Lewis (6-8 from Selma, AL). A couple of problems that I don't really get with this is that we don't really have open scholarship for all of these guys so we are either going to lose a guy or two off the current team or I wouldn't be shocked if Lewis' scholly gets pulled. Assuming we need two and the best case scenario happens of Varnado comes back and Kodi Augustus comes back (neither of which I'm convinced of) then I anticipate Holcombe and maybe Benock being the two that get looked at for substitution. Now I am not predicting this as I only figure we will need one and I think that one will either be Holcombe or Lewis (perhaps with Lewis going to prep school as a sign and place).

Running with this scenario I could see the following depth chart which gets me really, really excited, especially considering how this team won the SEC tourney this past year and hopefully return EVERYONE. I include everyone b/c we aren't really sure who is coming back. It's actually pretty hard to do a basic chart as they mix and match differently going big at times and small at other but here is my best shot.

PG - Bost / Beckham
SG - Stewart / R. Johnson / Benock
SF - Augustus / Turner / S. Smith / Holcombe
PF - Sydney / Osby
PF - Varnado / Bailey / Riek / W. Lewis

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