Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Your blogger has been doing a poor job of keeping this place updated but you know how that goes, anyway here is a hodgepodge of blogables.

A busy movie weekend for K and myself as I watched 3 new ones for me: Terminator Salvation (really good, much better than anticipated), Paul Blart: Mall Cop (pretty funny and better than anticipated but I admit I'm a Kevin James fan), Wall-E (major disappointment, I just don't get what the fuss is about as it was really slow and overly preachy). Last weekend we saw Angels & Demons which I really enjoyed and IMO is better than the DiVinci Code (just as the A&D book is better than the DC book IMO).

I'm pretty sure I will be helping with a new blog that is getting started up (professional type blog). when that gets rolling I'm sure I will link.

If you are interested in some good pictures of Singapore one of my student workers is there working this summer and blogging about it. She takes lots of good pictures so check it out if that interest you, the different type of architectures is pretty cool.

Here are a couple of links of someone who has put in a lot of work using Google maps to pin where recruits are from for the SEC East and West.

If you are a Mississippi State fan who likes baseball (I'm a huge Diamond Dawg fan) you might be interested to know there are a lot of changes being discussed at Dudy Noble under the new John Cohen administration. For more up to date details I refer to the Six Pack board or Gene's Page but a couple of the different rumors that have been circulated I'll try and notate. First, they are replacing the drainage system on the field (this is actually fair official) as soon as camps are over in July. Second, there is talk of tearing out the concrete wall behind home plate and move seats down to ground level. In addition to this home plate would be moved foward (I've heard 5 feet and 12 feet) making the field smaller and more hitter friendly. This also kind of leads into the third rumor I've heard of moving in the bleachers along the right and left field lines to be much tighter to the field.

Since my last blog post I went through the law school graduation of which I got some decent pics with me and some of my (former) student workers, check those out on my Facebook page. I also live tweeted part of graduation (when I thought it was appropriate), obviously found on my Twitter.

I want to also mention a really good blog post over at Shane's Drivel, a Jxn area blogger, that discusses the 3 best weather websites for metro area folks. While I don't necessarily always agree with Shane (Nasa and a Benjamin Button review comes to mind) he writes a pretty inciteful blog and if we all believed the same thing this world would be a pretty boring place.

On the school side I will pass along that I'm happy in that I 1. made 3 more A's this Spring/Intercession, 2. have a grand total of 4 classes left to get my MLIS (and that includes the thesis), and 3. I don't start school until June 1 so I have a week off still and that is a good thing.

On the work and career advancement side I am trying to do some more publishing, maybe some day I will get around and actually post my other publishings on the blog. In the Spring I had two articles published and I have one more almost finished and the idea set for my next two (one of which needs to be down by August) and both are kind of legal based which is different than my first 3 or 4 which are more library or 2.0 based. I also kind of hope to do some work on my 2.0 Theorem but things always get kind of fuzzy when I get more than 2 down the line on publishing.


msupsy said...

no Angels and Demons on list or a review...hmmm

BSquared said...

I take this as a sign that I've not blogged in too long, I really, really like Angels and Demons but watched it what seems like a long time ago and I will edit the post accordingly.