Monday, May 11, 2009

Fake Journals by Elsevier

News in the library community is beginning to spread about the fact that the database Elsevier published a "peer-reviewed" journal that was a shill for the pharmaceutical company Merck. The specific title in question is the Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine. This journal reportedly published data favorable to Merck products without basis and justified its peer reviewed status by containing excerpts from peer-reviewed papers.

While many law reviews and journals are not peer reviewed the great proliferation of humanities law (or any of its other names), i.e. Law and Religion or Law and Sociology, should cause concern for those studying in fields that their research may have been compromised by actions such as this by database publishers. Additionally, this action begs the question of a libraries ability to trust database publishers and if any similar shenanigans have taken place in legal research databases.

HT's to the Blog, this Slashdot article, and @AmandaClay on Twitter who is a librarian at my undergrad alma mater who informed me of this story. {BB}

Originally posted at LLB which I contribute to.

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