Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog Bag

O.k. lots of little stuff to hit here, 1. Because I don't feel like being very deep and 2. Lots of open tabs of interest.

  • Biggest note of the day, turned in my final assignment for grad school for this semester so a couple of weeks with no school, YAY
  • Melton - I was talking to someone I really consider in the know for this (IMO) and they said that Frank is much worse off than many think (of course this excludes those who have said he is already dead). If you listen carefully to the way they are phrasing this situation I don't think anyone has actually said Melton is non-comatose, which obviously is not a good thing.
  • Ha, Ha - I enjoy the fact that Ole Miss - the self proclaimed "Flagship" university of the state (which we all know is BS) - is the only school in the state to be seriously penalized for poor academic performance with their athletic teams. Most directly they lose 3 football scholarship because of the poor performance as based over the past 5 years. As a MSU fan at least Sly Croom didn't screw this up. Note no MSU team was penalized in any way.
  • Note to self and other criminals, don't steal a purse in Madison County. Jimmy Lee Fisher did this and was caught rather quickly, after trial he got the MAX of 15 years in the pokey. Wow is all I have to say.
  • I am also proud that my alma mater of Mississippi State didn't sign this kid, who was convicted of assisting in a rape as a 13 year old. I know, I know, everyone deserves a second chance, and as a 13 year old I probably could have done some crazy things myself BUT all in all I am glad this guy isn't suiting up for the Bulldogs if only to avoid the bad P.R. Oh, by the way, Lane Kiffin keeps on doing things I wouldn't, shocker.
  • I am hoping that when K and I take our trip to D.C. this summer we will get to catch a Nationals game, they are playing the Padres while we are there. Now these are two of the worst team in all of baseball, #30 and #27 in the latest CBS Sportline Power Poll, but its still MLB baseball in a stadium I've never been to, I'm looking forward to it if our schedule allows.
  • I am currently enveloped in an All Time Baseball league that is a group of folks who draft teams of players from 1880-2008 and then they get stuck in the ole simulator (via Diamond Mind Baseball) and a winner pops out after a couple of months of play. (It takes a while as we have a schedule, line-up changes every 10 games or so, you get the idea). Yesterday was Day 1 of the draft, today Day 2, and I'm already regretting my draft strategy, well nothing new there.
  • I like this little Slate article about when the press is supposed to stand for the President and when they are not as it pertains to press conferences. I was hoping the article would shed some light on why in the world the press reference to the President as Mr. Obama or Mr. Bush when talking in narrative. Why cannot we/they say President Obama or President Bush. I don't care what you think of either one of them but the position is the same as held by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, we should act like it IMO.

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