Sunday, April 12, 2009

Open Letter to the League - FBB

If you've read this blog for long you probably know I play fantasy baseball, ok, I don't play it, I let it engulf me at times and really enjoy it (most the time). I say most of the time because here in week one I've gotten into a disagreement in one of my leagues. Background is this is a head to head league with an extra category of Quality Starts built in. SO ... I decided when drafting to punt saves and just go after K's, Wins and QS with WHIP and ERA being a toss up. A pretty sound strategy IMO. Below are the emails I have had with the Commish and at the end my Open Letter to the League (possibly an enjoyable read) in which I really tried to temper my language. AND Fantasy Baseball is ALL about strategy and numbers, both of which I just don't think these people understand.

Email #1

Hey secgoose2005,

You have just been sent the following note from The Disabled List () in the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball league named New York-Boston League (219945)...

Hey Brian,

You might want to update your roster - technically you are supposed to have two active relief pitchers and as of right now you don't have any. Thanks!

Email #2

Hey turnbackthealarm,

You have just been sent the following note from Swamp Donkeys (Brian B) in the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball league named New York-Boston League (219945)...

I didn't really draft for relievers so I'm just going without, the way this leagues categories are laid out and being a H2H league I think my system may be ok without them. Thanks for letting me know though, I did get thrown off with the weekly line-up deal the first time. - bb

Email #3


I think you are going to have to draft some relievers...the reason I am mentioning it is because I got a complaint from someone else in the league. They didn't think it was fair that you are getting a zero ERA from two roster spots each week. I realize that you are sacrificing saves each week in order to do that, but the intent is not for people to be able to use empty roster spots as a strategy.

The league is set up so each team will have two active relievers, and you have to fill those spots. As of right now you are using one of them as a DL spot for one of your starters which is not really fair either.

I would appreciate it if you could pick up a couple of relievers so that everyone will be happy and feel that the game is being played fairly. Thanks!

Cheryl (commissioner)

Email #4

Cheryl I just posted a note to the league as my main response. I don't blame you but I think you and whoever is complaining are completely wrong on this. Also two by the ways, 1. Scherzer isn't just a DL guy holding a spot as he is scheduled to start on Tuesday, and 2. I picked up 2 relievers just to make you happy.

Open Letter to the League

I just want to state early this season that I do not appreciate someone complaining about my game play week one of the season to the commissioner. (No offense to you Cheryl, you are just trying to keep the peace) There is nothing in the rules that say you have fill all of your roster spots at all times. There is a minimum innings requirement to ensure I pitch enough innings and I do. I also do not understand where you are coming from on relievers influencing ERA substantially. 2 or 3 bad reliever innings aren't going to affect much of anything when I have 7 Quality Starts from my starters, that complaint just doesn't make sense.

I guess my point is two fold - 1. if you have a problem with me or my game play please talk to me, don't complain to others & 2. I completely believe if I want to punt a category I should be able to, no one is complaining about the fact I'm not actively pursuing steals (and I'm beating my week 1 opponent who has none and perhaps the slowest team known to man, maybe Kinky should be forced by public opinion to get some speed on the team) and in the end steals are no less valuable than saves.

Sorry to go off on this but I do find it ridiculous that I'm being asked/told how to manage my team.

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