Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Article

I am eternally trapped in the Mac v. PC war b/c I work with a bunch of college kids but I liked this slate article that talks about how PC's have finally taken a jab at Macs and their high dollar price. I am kind of odd in this way but firmly believe that unless you specifically need a computer that can handle video editing you should buy the cheapest computer/lap top you can find because the speed in which the technology moves.

I will use a specific example here - I could buy the cheapest Mac lappy for $999 or (what I prefer) buy a baseline Toshiba lappy for $400. This Toshiba will last me for 2 years (and maybe longer) and then 2 years from now I will look at getting a newer model with all of its technological advances and the other folks will be stuck with their Mac with 4 year old technology before they cycle back around to buy a new one.

I realize this is kind of a tough idea to wrap into words, or maybe I just did a poor job of it, but the speed of computer technology is amazing. Think what was standard 2 years ago, what about 4 years ago, now think of how long 4 years is in computer time, FOREVER.

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