Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exciting Times

In the morning I leave out to go to the SEAALL annual conference which is in Athens, Ga. this year. Pretty excited about it. While there I'm planning on catching the baseball game between UGA and Arkansas. Maybe I will learn a bit or meet some people that I will work with in the future, I hope to do better at networking.

Next Wednesday I have a big presentation to about 250 prosecutors at a CLE, talking about stuff I know but I have lots of prep work I need to do for it and I don't get from Athens until LATE Saturday and I'm not working on it on that trip, already told myself that.

Then I have a couple of days of vacation, well kinda, because I have two research papers due early in May so that will take up some of that vacation but maybe I will be motivated by then.

Anyway, just wanted to do a little self story blogging.

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