Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day

Much as I've done in the past I will be watching the NFL Draft and blogging about it and more especially the Saints picks (as the Saints are, for better or worse, my favorite NFL team)

The Saints have a couple of needs as I see it and several picks, but I will say that I've not been a huge fan of some of their more recent drafts with Sean Payton so who knows what will happen. Places I would like to see upgraded are O-Line, most especially guard and center, maybe a D-tackle or line backer and lots of help at safety. I'm not thrilled by the corners but last years pick ups of Gay and Porter and David and Greer still on board they are serviceable.

So on day 1 the Saints have the 14th pick over all and that is it (barring trades)

and on day 2 the Saints have picks 116 (Rd. 4), 118 (Rd. 4) and 222 (Rd. 7)

What does this mean for the 14th pick? I am hoping that the prognosticators who are talking about Beanie Wells or Michael Jenkins are wrong, as I explained above I don't think the Saints need a Corner and I think they are content with their running options and do not require a power back (plus the pick of Pittman in 2007 may have spoiled the Saints on OSU running backs) What I wouldn't mind seeing is someone like Rey Maualuga or Brian Cushing be picked for line backing help, or maybe even an Alex Mack which could really help the center position. I might also be interested in seeing if there was somehow the Saints could package together a deal with that first pick and trade for Anquan Boldin because, as we all know, the Saints love their wide receivers. Saying this might also so that if someone like Jeremy Maclin is still available at 14 then I could see them making that pick. I will also say that if Orapko or Tyson Jackson are on the board at 14 I can see the Saints picking them despite the lack of need of a D-End but maybe they are versatile enough play OLB.

Just some thoughts some 2 hours before the draft starts.

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