Sunday, April 12, 2009

1 book?

Have I really only read 1 book in 2009?

I try and keep a list on the right side of the blog of books I've read but I don't even have a 2009 list. Maybe that says something about my educational status.

Well anyway, I guess I am off of the reading snide as I finished my first one of the year:

Water for Elephants - by Sara Gruen

I really liked this book, and by like mean when I finally got started on it (about 30 pages in) it only took me like 4 days to read it as I devoted hour blocks to it. This isn't what I would call a typical page turner (like DiVinci Code) but it was a good story that just sucked me in.

So what does that leave for reading next? - b/c you know I can't not have a plan

Still have these hanging around
  1. Fahrenheit 451 - a classic that I actually kind of like the way it is written and I'm kind of digging the story but I have to focus when reading it and times of quiet focus have been few and far between for me.
  2. Awakening the Buddha Within - suggestion by a friend of mine, about 50 pages in and it's part of me trying to better myself.
  3. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - by Jonathan Safran Foer - about 1/2 through, not captivating me but I think it is more of a mood book
  4. The Tycoons - about the Tycoons of the Industrial Age, a topic that interest me but I just haven't gotten into since buying on a trip last summer.
  5. Truman - I got the David McCullough classic but its sat in the same place on the shelf since I got it about 6 months ago.
But I'm not really sure if I want to finish up one of these or find something else that draws me in (and I need to doing school work and prepping for a big presentation that I will blog about later)

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