Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?

I do apologize for my lack of blogging here lately, its been busy at Casa de BSquared, so I will start out with a couple of lite thoughts and links.

One, my church does a mission trip to Honduras in the summer, there is a big part of me that wants to go on this. I cannot this summer because I'm still doing the grad school thing but that will be over next May. I think it would be something good for me and good for them.

Two, I read this link today about the possibility of teaching a class in China about legal research, now that sounds pretty cool too. Not sure if I can swing the money to go or get the time off but pretty cool nonetheless.

Three, The Cardinals are looking strong in Spring Training, if the pitching staff can hold together (as opposed to falling apart like it did last year), I expect 95 wins and at least the wild card (never can tell with those danged Cubs and all their talent).

Four, If you are in the Jackson Metro area and know of a job, pretty much any job, that would be appropriate for a 25 yo female who is willing to do anything from be a lawyer to wait tables please let me know. I have a friend who is in that unemployed category now and is struggling to stay afloat but is a hard worker and worked for me for about 2.5 years.

Fifth, I love this sites humor, I'm a comic guy but I'm kind of choosy, Savage Chickens hits my funny side.

Sixth, I found this article interesting about the possibility of high speed rail in America (much like Europe and Japan already has) and for the visually inclined there is also a map of prospective corridors.

That is probably enough for now, once again sorry for the lack of blogging. Hopefully, more will be coming in the future.

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