Sunday, March 15, 2009


Earlier today I was at Walmart and had the epiphany that I keep talking about trying to paint but never have done so. SO .... I bought some cheap supplies, and sat down tonight to give it a go. I don't want to be great, I really don't want to work that hard at it, just use it as a relaxer, and I don't want it to take up all of my time.

So we have 3 pictures to demonstrate the evening. First is the blank canvas, second is some drawings I put on the canvas "to paint" which is what one website recommended, third is the finished product. As you can tell there is a complete difference in 2 and 3 b/c whoever suggested I sketch what I want to draw doesn't get what is in my head. Quite honestly I don't think I get it until I see the colors, maybe that is more reactive or something but after the first couple of attempts at following the patterns I just started doing what felt right. It is what it is, I don't expect any of you to even like it but I definitely have some pride in it for some reason. I like it for the limitation of colors I had available (not really sure how to mix) and I held myself to a 1 hour limit to help prevent me wanting to be "too" perfect with it. I actually like it better before than when I finished but I kept messing with it, oh well.

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