Saturday, March 21, 2009


What's that, no post in a week? I know I have begun sucking at blogging. Maybe more will come in the future. I hope so as on some level I do enjoy blogging.

But anyway for your reading pleasure I pass along this article from David Pogue's blog. Pogue, THE technology guy for the NYT and a very entertaining fellow IMO did an interview with Shai Agassi, leader of a unique version on what I will call next generation cars. I use this broad term to encompass Hydrogen, Plug-In, Hybrid, etc.

The company that Shai heads has an idea for basically interchangeable batteries in cars to fix that whole batteries are the whole problem with electro-cars. Simply have batteries that get exchanged (think changing out a propane bottle a 2 min process) or recharged all over the place in a network idea (kinda fuzzy on how this works but seem conceptually to have a chance).

Anyway I hope you read and comment, I know The Anarchist thinks (or at least he did last time we talked of it) that the internal combustion engine will be the relied on propulsion for years to come so figuring out a "gas" alternative to oil (like switch grass) but I would like his take on this.

For some reason I have always been intrigued by enviro things and future technologies in general so stay posted and if you see something of interest to me please pass it along.


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