Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last week my school gave us Friday off for Spring Break so a crew of 4 of us went bowfishing Thursday night. On this trip was The Anarchist, Hunterboy, Andy Griffith, and myself. (Obviously made up names, I apologize for lack of originality but ya know sometimes you got, sometimes you don't). For those of you that don't know anything about bowfishing I will give this very short primer (almost all of which I learned less than 72 hours ago): You go out at night, in a boat with lots of lights that shine down on the water. You troll around in marshes and shallows looking for fish to shoot with a bow. Primary targets in this hunt are buffalo, carp, gar and if you feel lucky you can try and shoot shad for fun (they are really quick and small so mostly luck there). Part of the challenge with this is 1. finding the fish (just like regular fishing), 2. shooting them with a bow (not only purely shooting a bow (a first for me) but also dealing with a moving object and refraction from the water), 3. getting them in without loosing them (again, much like regular fighing but I include b/c we lost 2 big ones Thursday).

I will end by saying that Andy got the biggest buffalo in the picture, and I only got 2, maybe even the smallest 2 but I'm very happy with that and the regular hunters of Hunterboy and Andy were shocked that I hit one square with my 6th shot ever.

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