Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Pig Went Down This Week

I used to blog more about financial stuff, not positive why I don't much anymore, but I just don't. I used to have this plan where we were trying to kill the 3 little pigs. See blogged about here. It was not the intent at the time (at the time I was just referencing the little pig story) but on some level it applies that if there are little pigs there are also big pigs out there somewhere. It can well be said that K and I killed a big pig this week. We had saved up some money to put in a Roth but luckily we didn't stick it in the market last summer. So it has been laying around in a savings account until we got in a position where we felt comfortable turning loose of some of it. While I again am not going to mention numbers we made a large payment this week that will elleviate a pretty big monthly payment we had and means that we really only have 3 (could even be considered 2) debts/liabilities that we owe. And both those, if we call it 2, are not within reach (and when I mean in reach they are on 25 year plans at this point). So with that I just want to express some personal pride for K and I as we made our hard work and long schooling pay off for us actually figuratively this week. :)

As I write this I will say that we loosely follow the Dave Ramsey method to help us get to this point. We don't do envelopes but we do do the debt snowball and some of the broader ideas about nest eggs and such.

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