Saturday, February 14, 2009

Malco Time

As part of our Valentine's Day experience K and I went to the movies this afternoon and watched The International which was IMO pretty good, not super great, but really well made. It is kind of Bourne like movie starring Clive Owen who is one of K's favorites.

Anyway, this post is not about the movie b/c I recommend you go see it. What this is about is the A-HOLE activity that happened two rows in front of me as this completely inconsiderate jerk flipped open his phone, checked his messages and flipped it closed AT LEAST 20 times during a movie that runs just over 2 hours. Oh was I mad, just drives me up the wall when people just completely selfish and don't give a crap about anyone else. It was a small thing but when you light up the theatre, repeatedly, when others are trying to watch a movie then I just have no use for you.

To end the post on a slightly higher note I am really looking forward to Angels and Demons being released. IMO Angels and Demons was a much better book that The Da Vinci code and could make for a better, more visually pleasing movie.


Shane said...

Life is too short to spend any time in a movie theater. Netflix!

BSquared said...

2 points of opposition to your statement

1. I actually enjoying watching movies in the theater with the big screen and the great sound, plus you get to watch it about 6 months before it comes out on Netflix

2. Netflix really angered me last year when we finally ended our account. We waited over 6 weeks with one Disc (Disc 2 of Season 2 of Dexter) and never received it. It just continued to be queued. Plus when we ended our service there was no return of a portion of our bill for September (I believe it was) but they stopped sending movies immediately. If they are going to bill me for the whole month then they should keep sending me movies for the whole month.

I will qualify this by saying I really enjoy the Netflix documentary and mockumentary movies that are hard to find elsewhere.