Monday, January 19, 2009

More links

I've clearly spent too much time on the Internet today to have a second post of some links I want to share but anyway

First, is a good Slate article about how Obama is more like JFK than Lincoln or FDR or any other person he has been compared to, some really good historical references here IMO.

Second, is this USA Today article about a new book out, The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath, which talks about how economic conditions are proper and could probably best be compared to the 1970's when inflation ran rampant, unemployment got up to almost 12% and belt tightening by Americans took the country in its grip. We got through it then, we will get through this, but this synopsis seems to make more sense than a lot of comparisons I have seen.

Finally, is a neat little story from USA Today about a guy doing good for those in poor areas. People around the world don't have the advantages we Americans do in many respects including prescription eye care. Joshua Silver, however, is changing this debilitation condition (potentially) for thousands or even millions eventually with easy to form, easy to share simplified eye glasses. These glasses have a pocket that silicon can be injected into to change the viewing lens. Pretty ingenious in my opinion. Anyway, just wanted to share.

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