Monday, January 12, 2009

Making the best ...

Here is a piece of advice for you guys out there. If you get put into the situation where your other (girlfriend/fiancee/wife/bootie call/etc) is someone that likes those 1800's (or older) period piece movies that seem so popular now a days there are some that are better than others. Over the weekend my wife wanted to watch one, I relented as I normally dominate t.v. show selection, and The Other Boleyn Girl was played on the new big screen.

This was not horrible for the unenthused and trapped men. IMO Boleyn was much more watchable than something like Pride and Prejudice or Elizabeth or Marie Antoinette (or any other string of Helen Mirran movies). It actually has a plot, it has 2 very attractive leading ladies IMO (Scarlett Johannson and Natalie Portman), and a bit of intrigue and sexual tension. Now granted there is no flesh baring by the stars, in fact, they are quite well covered up and Johannson was "uglied up" IMO as Portman played the role of the sluty mistress type but it far exceeded the horribly slow pace I felt in Pride and Prejudice, if I heard "Oh, Mr. Darcey" and a giggle one more time in that movie I would throw something at the t.v.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along that the story about Henry VIII and the Boleyn girls is an opportunity you might want to pursue if trapped in a period piece location

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