Sunday, January 18, 2009

Linky Time

CNN had some good stuff today I wanted to take note of

First, a nice little 15 photo slideshow showing big moments of President Bush's 8 years in office. A picture says a thousand words.

Second, an article about the Obama family attending the famous 19th Street Baptist Church in D.C. I am not a huge fan of the specific direction the service took as described in the article BUT I guess if I was hosting a President for the first time I would think about doing something out of the ordinary. Not going as far as they did but ...

Finally, I liked this short tidbit on the new Obama portrait that is both being released for the new president and the portrait that is going up in the National Portait Gallery (portrait in gallery pictured below). And I would be remise of mentioning the National Portrait Gallery if I didn't think about Stephen Colbert and his portrait in the Gallery

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Shane said...

Bush's failures are eclipsed only by the near universal level of hate and ridicule directed towards him by the media. Its created a national level of group-think whose scale is unrivaled.

After 9/11/2001 when future terrorist attacks on this country were a virtual certainty, Bush saw to it that we were not attacked again. His success there is remarkable. The very programs which the public criticizes so heavily are directly responsible for our success against domestic terror.

It is sad that this president's greatest success is going to be left to a future Trivial Pursuit question.