Thursday, January 1, 2009


A lot of times I like to highlight a link I like or something I find that is useful. Today, the day that many make new year's resolutions, and many of those being to loose weight, one of my staples, does a story entitled: "5 small changes to help you lose weight". Now I cannot express how frustrated I was when I went to this article and read the crap that it was. It highlighted a guy that lost what I'll call a moderate amount of weight, actually less than I did last year, and to listen to him hemhaw about his "easy" fixes. Gimme a break you fool, everyone knows these things, No shit if you drink 10 regular cokes a day you'll get fat. Really, you a whole bag of doritos, join the fatty club. And yes, I am a member and was formerly a charter member. What has me so incensed about this article is it does 2 things. One, it sets forth an example to follow of a guy who isn't a great guy to follow. He only half way doing things and it half way works. Two, and this is my bigger beef, New Years Day and these suggestions are the best CNN could come up with, gimme a break. Screw you CNN, you lost this viewer for a while because you were lazy in putting this story together.

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Shane said...

Almost 3 years ago, I weight 234. Now I'm 165-170. Consistent, near-daily exercise and a diet plan that the general public is completely clueless about. In short - eat like a bodybuilder. Read most anything about how bodybuilders eat and do that.

The public's biggest failure in dieting is not eating enough. Eating too little will lose some weight, then stop when the metabo slows down. The slow metabo also encourages weight gain once normal eating resumes.

Don't want to ramble. I could write a book on this. Much more to say.