Friday, January 16, 2009

Creationism v. Big Bang

This Slate article discussing how the Bush Administration in large part supressed science (for a multitude of reasons) as compared to many administrations and how soon to be President Obama seems to be taking a different path and embracing science. The article mentions part of the divide of science has always been between the sciencefilic's that support the Big Bang theory and call creationist supporters foolish for their beliefs (and visa-versa applies just as heartily). While I don't have absolutes and their are holes in my belief I think that you can have both, follow me down this path.

For this purpose lets assume there was a big bang and the universe as we know it was created. Why can't it be God that created this big bang? The "fact" of a bang just doesn't eliminate God from the situation.

The other big part of creationism v. big bangers (and the evolutionist branch) is that humans didn't come from monkeys / Adam and Eve are the beginning v. Lucy and her other bipedal hominins. While this is harder to explain in my theory I believe in many levels of evolution. I think it is just fine that horses can "evolve" from having toes to having a hoof and humans have clearly evolved in the last 2000 years as we are now almost a foot taller, much smarter as a percentage of population and any number of other characteristics as a result of adaptation, vitamin intakes, and healthy practices. If we can agree on this, who is to say humans didn't "evolve" (I prefer the term "adapt") from an ancient being like Lucy and Lucy was very ape like. 

Now the folks be think that every single word of the Bible is finite don't really like this because of the Adam and Eve part but for some reason I am open minded enough to think that part of the Bible, and I'm thinking Old Testament when I say this, may be partially put together for those who need a story to believe in that makes sense and the truth appears to be rather complex and this story was for simple people in simple times and has been kept as a part of tradition. I may be completely wrong, as I do believe in God, more specifically the God of the Bible, but I am open minded and a free thinker and think / believe that both of these concepts can work together.


Shane said...

Those are my thoughts exactly. And I am surprised I haven't seen more people that share these thoughts.

I like to give people the rainbow analogy. The Bible tells us God gave us the rainbow as a sign that he won't flood the world again. But you and I can also create a rainbow with a water hose in our back yard on a sunny day.

Science = how. Religion = why.

Sherrie said...

I agree. It is possible that the Big Bang that created it all was God saying let there be Earth (Bam - I mean Bang)

Also, this shows my religious ingnorance, but couldn't God have created certain animals strictly for evolutionary purposes to confuse or test humans who aren't supposed to question God?

BSquared said...

I think that God could surely create animals just for evolutionary purposes for many reasons.

I don't know if I necessarily agree that God doesn't want humans to question him though. I think I may lean to questioning God falls into the free will idea. If people were blindly obedient that might be nice but if someone can use their head, really think about it, be confused and still come out on the belief side then free will has prevailed.

This could be good for another post to further think about.