Monday, January 12, 2009

The Beard

I currently have a beard, not a great beard, not a horrible one, as I famously say "it is what it is". Some people ask what is the deal with it so I figured I might blog an answer a bit. I like the beard because 1. it makes me look a bit older and a bit thinner I think, I have a baby face without some facial hair, 2. I grow tired of the goatee look at times and this is a good alternative, 3. it kind of runs in the family, both of my dad's brothers have beards and always have as far as I can remember and at times my mother's only brother has had one also, maybe we are just a beard family, 4. I'm lazy, yes I admit it, laziness combined with the HATE of shaving lends itself to beard growing, I clean up my neck and try and even it a couple of times a week but its not anything like shaving everyday, 5. I put this last b/c its not a big influence but its there sometimes, I like the rugged look and as an example I provide 2 bearded actors (role based pics) that I wish my beard could imitate. Granted I don't have their "rugged good looks" or muscular builds but one has to try and look like someone so why pick someone worse than yourself? 

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments about this or the beard or just beards in general, lemme hear them. Additionally, I may have a new reader (S) who also dates a guy who at times has a beard and wouldn't mind hearing from her on the subject.

Eric Bana in The Other Boleyn Girl
Russell Crowe in Gladiator

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Sherrie said...

I enjoy the beard on my man because he looks really young without it, and I feel like a pedophile who lured him into my home with pudding or snack cakes.
The only downfall is the trimming. Don't trim it too short because it's like having your face rubbed raw with sandpaper when you kiss. Either go beard or go bald - you can't have it both ways. (And that IS what she said.)