Monday, December 22, 2008

Ranking the First Basemen

As some of you know I participate in other blogs and I'm going to be copying over some of my other posts to this blog as I do them as this is my blog of record, so to speak. Below is the first substantive post from a new blog I'm working on about Fantasy Baseball, link can be found at the bottom.

I will start with a word about my drafting strategy, I do not draft injury prone players in the first 2 or 3 rounds, it is just not worth the risk. I have a huge man crush on Albert Pujols but he is the perfect example of this, a top 5 caliber players that I purposefully rank low because of his injury probability. Granted he may have the best fantasy year ever OR he could play in about 15 games and then his elbow explodes, who knows, but why risk it.

  1. Ryan Howard - At times I have avoided Howard b/c of the batting average problems but the power is just unmistakable. Overall Ryan Howard can benefit a fantasy baseball team in terms of homers, rbi's and runs more than any other player out there. Plus a couple of years ago the BA was there. Remember that frigid start that Howard had this past year batting around .200 for the first 2 months, think if he didn't have that where the numbers would be. Look at the last 3 years, that is consistency.
  2. Miggy Cabrera - Miggy is just now coming into his prime and he started so early most people don't realize that and he win only turn 26 this year. Strong consistent numbers, that is what you want from the first round.
  3. Mark Teixeira - Granted Tex is no longer in a walk year so that might trend a lower year but he is still young, see Cabrera above, and he just for some reason a slight bit more pop than the others in this good 2nd line of 1b (Tex, Fielder, Morneau)
  4. Albert Pujols -  I love Albert, he is the perfect hitter, power, BA, RBI and Runs, years of consistency but for fantasy purposes I just don't trust the elbow, he may be the greatest hitter in the world but championships are built by minimizing risk and outsmarting the other smart managers in the league
  5. Prince Fielder - not sure what to think about Prince, he burned me last year and he has the talent as he has shown with a 50 homer season but last years numbers were still respectable so I drop him in here just before a more consistent but less talented Morneau. Plus remember that Prince is only 24, not yet peaked, how good can he be, lets see if he can put together a full year again.
  6. Jason Morneau - a machine of a firstbaseman for the last 4 years but he had a drop off in homers in 08 and that is a possible trend to be scared of, I'm betting its not and he has 28 or 30 homers again but he is behind good company here
  7. Lance Berkman - put up good numbers last year but is aging and takes longer to recover
  8. Carlos Delgado - shocked everyone last year and was a star for those who drafted him in the 12th round last year, I think that undervaluing of last year may be overvaluing this year as he yet another year older. 
  9. Carlos Pena - He's actually pretty good BUT we all remember what happened in the playoffs when he turned super cold. Don't let that hurt you when thinking about him but for me he is often gone sooner than I would like.
  10. Adrain Gonzalez - puts up tremendous numbers for playing in Petco, could be a sleeper if they do trade him as has been rumored a bit
  11. Joey Votto - I like Votto, a lot, BUT he is not top 8 round material in my mind and is a league of "experts" or "champs" he is taken too high b/c people think they know something. Can be a great pick in a normal league as he is better than a 17th rounder but not the same class as Pena IMO.
  12. Derrick Lee - D Lee is a former favorite of mine going back to that year that he crushed everything, 2005 I think, but his power has certianly dropped off since then and you really need power out of first base. His age and declined play over the past 3 years drops him way down the list
  13. David Ortiz - Some people read this and say WHAT? 13th best? That's right, I hate players who trap the DH spot on your roster and then break down like a 1973 Volkswagen. You won't find a team of mine with Ortiz on it as invariably every league has one person who love Bo-Sox and takes Ortiz way too high
  14. Paul Konerko - Konerko was a stud for me for several year but like Lee he had a major drop off from previous couple of years AND he still has a BA that sucks. You can have one or the other on my teams but not both.
  15. Conner Jackson - He has good number for a second baseman but you are trying to fill the biggest producing spot in your line-up, don't do that with Conner Jackson.

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