Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MSU coaching search

I've kept a pretty low profile here lately on the blog and in real life as finals time strikes for Grad Students also. That being said I turned in my last assignment of the semester yesterday so I get a whole 5 days off before my intercession class begins. So ... what else has been occupying my time, its the MSU coaching search.

First we all thought it was going to be Chris Peterson from Boise St. Last Friday the internet literally blew up with these rumors. thousands of MSU fans on message boards, thousands of Idahoians (I'm sure that's not a word but its fun to say) did the same and it was all for naught. As I believe and have seen somewhere I think Peterson was offered the job, accepted, then reconsidered. Oh well, I think he would have been a marvelous selection.

Now the big rumor is Kevin Wilson, Offensive Coordinator at Oklahoma, yes #1 Oklahoma. Winner of the best Assistant Coach award this year and caller of plays for the #1 offense in the land. I would be happy with Wilson as our next Coach, not super thrilled but happy. Something about that mustache also bothers me, but anyway.

If it is not Wilson I would also be content with Dan Mullen, the OC from Florida. I actually personally like the charateristics of Mullen a bit more BUT I think I like the offense the Wilson would bring more, does that make sense?

So that is 2 I am fine with.

2 names I would not be happy seeing: Derek Dooley (HC at La. Tech) and Mark Hudspeth (HC at UNA). I know I'm being eliteist here but I don't want a low level guy brought in to see if he can compete in a BCS division. I would rather have a BCS guy who we need to find out if he can be a HC. I've also heard Chris Hatcher's (HC at Ga. Southern) name associated with the job and my comments as to Hudspeth also apply to Hatcher. I love a winner but I just am not sure if we can take the Jim Tressel route and be successful.

Anyway, there is my two cents.

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