Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Diet Rotel

I swear I blogged about this earlier but I couldn't find it so I wanted to do it now. I am a BIG rotel fan but on a diet I have to seriously reconsider my favorite meal. So, in steps diet rotel. See the pics below. For the products

The cheese plus the rotel totals up to a grand total of 11 WW points for the entire pan, yes all servings. This is against the 36 points that regular rotel (and that is with the light cheese I believe) has for a whole 1/2 block. Now this is a little more runny than regular rotel but for those on a diet this is a good deal. I like to combine this with the pretzel chips where you get 11 chips for 2 points as opposed to more regular corn chips that are 10 chips for 4 points. Plus for me the pretzel chips do a good job of filling me as opposed to normal chips.

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