Sunday, November 23, 2008

The New Administration

While I had reservations about Obama being elected at this point I am fairly happy with what I have heard from the President in waiting. I am liking how most of his cabinet picks seem to be more centrist than left wing and I am just amazed at how composed and, for lack of a better word, presentable President Obama is on a daily basis. Two things I read today I wanted to touch on:

1. Stem cell research seems to be preparing for a big new push. This is something I am in favor of. I have thought a lot of stem cell research and just think that Obama has said it better than I can so I will quote: "I believe that it is ethical to use these extra embryos for research that could save lives when they are freely donated for that express purpose,". This isn't advocating creating embryos for the purpose of killing them and I just try not to fall to slippery slope arguments. I mean slippery slope means we don't have nuclear energy because something could happen or we don't own guns because something could happen (which are other examples some use) but it also would mean we don't drive cars because something could happen or we don't leave our house because of the imagined. Just because the possibility exist doesn't mean it will happen and stem cell research has great, great potential.

2. Second story isn't about an Obama plan but something I wish his administration would address. USAToday speaks to how millions are spend by Medicaid/Medicare on OTC drugs that have no FDA approval. This is a prime example of something slipping between the cracks. Now I want people who need meds and are properly in programs to get them but they need to be taking things that have FDA approval. I can easily see a system being in place like there is for food stamps of when you check out the item either counts of doesn't based on the barcode. You try and buy some non FDA approved drugs then your Medicaid card doesn't pay for it, it's really pretty simple. Lets call that a wish of mine.

I have lots of other ideas on politics right now and have lots of interesting things I want to share so maybe some of that will leak out over the next couple of days.

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