Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm torn

I start with the admonition that I like to watch the political talk shows on Sunday mornings. This gets the wheels turning in my head. I also like to blog or more importantly discuss political things which we used to do on this blog a bit but don't do so much now. If nothing else this place creates a place for myself to work through some thoughts (much like I'm doing now).

All that being said I truly believe that one day I will run for office. That being said old ideas are often dredged up by opponents and used out of context. As President-elect Obama has shown the less you know about a candidate the less blows one can take b/c there is just less out there. So while I want to talk politics I don't think it will help me in the long run (we are talking years down the road but still).

The flip side of this is that I stand by everything I have said on this blog, it is how I felt at the time and smart, thinking folks would understand this. However, in the sound bite word we live in it is so hard to fight misinformation so why take the risk.

I end with this, if you want to talk politics with me shoot me an email, give me a call, come by the house or the reference desk when I'm there and we will talk.

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