Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thoughts on MSU football

I was asked last night if I was happy that State won against MTSU yesterday and I think happy is teh wrong adjective. Relieved might be a better adjective and that is just kind of sad. I should not be worried about being embarassed and there by just relieved when we win, especially when we scored 31 points.

Part of my, and many other MSU fans, mindset is perspective. Last year is by and large looked upon as being successful when we finished up with a 8-5 record and a Liberty Bowl win against Central Florida. Having proper perspective would also make one think that we are only 1 games behind where we were last year. If we finish just like we did last year (3-1) and it is very possible as we are as good as Kentucky and Arkansas (IMO) and the Ole Miss game is always a toss up then we end up at 6-6 and are bowl eligible. That doesn't mean we get in a bowl, but 6-6 sure beats the hell out of 3-9 which is where we could have been if we fell apart.

This got me thinking about who else will be bowl eligble from the SEC if we could end up 6-6 b/c that still is not a bowl guarantee so we need to look at final records. Here is my proposed final records. If this actually comes true I think State is in good shape for a bowl game as there would be 4 6-6 teams and MSU would have beaten 2 of them head to head, Vanderbilt might leap ahead of us b/c their rarity in bowl games but if we got hot and finished up like this it would be hard to keep us out of a bowl game IMO.

  1. Alabama 12-0 - Wins against ASU, LSU, MSU and Auburn
  2. Georgia 11-1 - Wins against Florida, Kentucky, Auburn, Ga. Tech
  3. Florida 10-2 - Wins against Vanderbilt, So. Carolina, The Citadel, FSU; Loss to Georgia
  4. LSU 9-3 - Wins against Troy, Ole Miss, Arkansas; Loss to Alabama
  5. So. Carolina 8-4 - Wins against Tennessee, Arkansas, Clemson; Loss to Florida
  6. Tennessee 6-6 - Wins against Wyoming, Vanderbilt, Kentucky; Loss to So. Carolina
  7. MSU 6-6 - Win against Kentucky, Arkansas, Ole Miss; Loss to Alabama
  8. Ole Miss 6-6 - Win against Auburn, La-Monroe; Losses to LSU, MSU
  9. Vanderbilt 6-6 - Win against Kentucky; Losses to Florida, Tennessee; Wake Forest
  10. Arkansas 5-7 - Win against Tulsa; Losses to So. Carolina, MSU, LSU
  11. Auburn 5-7 - Win against UT-Martin; Losses to Ole Miss, Georgia, Alabama
  12. Kentucky 5-7 - Losses to MSU, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Tennessee
I know, wishful thinking but it is possible, I'm trying not to be negative and there is a path to a decent season here.

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