Monday, October 6, 2008

I told you so

there, I got it out of my system. Last week I said the market would be under 10,000, back in July I said get out and get back in later at a lower price, and today as I write this the Dow sits at 9,780. Now I didn't cash out my retirement b/c tax reasons but I feel pretty danged smart for sticking that money for the Roth in the ING savings account instead of going ahead and getting the Roth and being less 20% of it already.

Now that you are mad b/c I went all Mr. Knowitall on you I ask that you read this thought provoking article on how the S&P 500 is basically built to but into stocks at the wrong time (buy high, ride 'em low). This is one of the articles I linked in July. Maybe, just maybe we could take this dastardly formula and use it for good instead of evil and know where not to buy (perhaps new editions to the S&P since their failure rate seems kinda high) or where to better limit exposure to. Just an idea there invester banker man.

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