Friday, October 31, 2008

Flu Shots

As I sit here in my office this morning going back through old emails I haven't read I pulled up one where the school was offering flu shots. This got me to thinking why do people actually get these things. I know a lot of people do, I think most everyone I know does but I do not and I think it is kind of silly to get one and I will explain why.
1. To me giving myself a little bit of the flu to prevent the bad flu just isn't a very good deal when there is no guarantee I will get the flu at all in a given year.

2. Tying into #1, I have never had a flu shot AND I have never had the flu so either I am danged lucky (and why shouldn't that continue)or I have superior genetics (I say as impersonate Dwight Shrute). Regardless of the reason until it happens to me, kind of like seeing a ghost, I am not going to be a believer.

3. Worst case scenario: Death. O.k. I went overly dramatic there b/c I started to put this as I get really sick but I'm o.k. b/c I'm not an infant or elderly and despite my health issues in almost any possible case the flu isn't going to leave a lasting effect on me except for a painful week or so.

4. I am overly sensitive to "wearing down" my immune system. I know this would take a lot to harm your immune system but I prefer not to give it a test run on a small version of flu and subject it to something it might not have to be b/c I may need all the resources I can muster later. (Also a reason I don't like to take medicine generally b/c most become ineffective over time)

5. And no this is not about the pain, Quite honestly if a shot is given correctly there is very little pain even when I had my stuff earlier in the year including tetanus and antibiotic shots it really didn't hurt when it happened, a little sore later, but pain is not a factor here.

So ... I end with this, please tell me why you take the flu shot and why I am dumb/stupid/ignorant/naive for not doing so.

And I will leave you with 2 very different reactions to flu shots I found when looking for images for this post.

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