Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ever shrinking generations

I know when people talk about generations there is generalization and as a rule there are always exceptions. This being said people used to talk about the greatest generation and then the Baby Boomers (some who are hippies, some who aren't), then we have Gen X, then Gen Y, then Mellinnials, and ......

I've come to think that this is not just a world that over classifies things (but we do that too) because there are some serious stratifications in Americans now that are existing to smaller and smaller increments of people.

I admit I call myself a Gen X'er, I was born in 1980 so I fit in some but not all of the definitions. I think Gen Y might be born 82/83 - 90 and then Millennials would be born 90-00. You ask what makes these distinctions and it is how these groups are raised (or more possibly with what they are raised with).

Now all this is said not to try and add to the confusion of categorizing but to say I, working on a daily basis with 22-25 year olds (clear Gen Y'ers) really, really hate what this group is/has become. This generalized group is a group of whiners and complainers and bitchers and momma's boys and daddy's girls who want everything spoon fed to them and generally don't want to work for anything. And I hear some of you reading this out loud saying they are not all like that, and I agree, not all. BUT I work with some of what are supposed to be the best and brightest, law school students, and a great many of them are completely worthless. This is indicative of that group of people from 16-24 now that are infatuated with Paris Hilton and Lindsey and Britney (in her time) and all of the nonsense as uselessness that has become trash pop.

Now I admit my group, 5 years before this, was not great, and some of us had these tendencies but not as a group as a whole. Not at all.

And I think there are kids in junior high and even high school that seem to have a conscious (I know it is hard to tell but there is some sort of redeeming quality in a lot of these kids I meet) that don't fall into this new category. But that doesn't change the status of the current kids I seem to be running into that one attorney I was talking to the other day called "walking malpractice cases".

Just like with the bailout, and so many other things in life, we can not be enablers for no one will ever learn to stand up and be productive if we do.

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