Saturday, October 11, 2008


Holy Crap, Mississippi State beat Vanderbilt 17-14 today to end their perfect season and to make a real statement that the Bulldogs don't suck as much as many thought.

I find this blog worthy 1. because State beat a #13 team in the country, 2. they are showing real signs of life like they did last year, and 3. I was actually there.

Yeah, I know I swore off going back to see a MSU football game "until they stopped being pushed around by CUSA teams" and while I'm not sure they fully have met that criteria they are tremendously better than where they were when I made that statement several years ago watching the Houston game debacle.

At time the State offense had a rhythm and moved the ball up and down the field, at others not so much. Almost all of the game State's defense dominated and shut down the Vandy offense. The D held Vandy to 107 total yards for the game and the O ran the ball 50, yes 50, times. Some of those were scrambles to Tyson Lee but still a much more power based offense which is what I advocate (most days).

So now where are we as a State fan?
  • We sit at 2-4
  • However, on the positive side we have shown we can play on the level with Kentucky, MTSU, Arkansas and Ole Miss. What is that I hear someone saying, that could be 6 wins from this team so many have trashed.
  • Nah, you've already dismissed that as a pipe dream, but hold on, there is more ... MSU has lost this year to (a directional LA school for which there is no excuse), a top 10 team in LSU, a top 25 team in Auburn, and a top 25 team in Ga. Tech. And now we have beaten a top 25 team. I think we may have just been playing above our heads a bit as I don't expect to be top 25, just to win more than we lose and here comes the crappy part of the schedule
  • Still, I know you don't believe, and I only give us a punchers chance this next week in Tennessee as we just don't play well there and they have more talent than we do so maybe, somehow we could do it but that is the definition of a punchers chance.
So let me dream for a minute (assuming we never turn the ball over again like we have the last 2 games) and look at our opponents records to this point, if somehow we could keep it together for a couple of weeks we could be 7-4, I don't believe it will happen but it could
  • La Tech (2-2)
  • SELU (x)
  • Auburn (4-3)
  • Ga Tech (5-1)
  • LSU (5-1)
  • Vandy (5-1)
  • Tennessee (2-4)
  • MTSU (2-4)
  • Kentucky (4-2)
  • Bama (6-0)
  • Arkansas (3-3)
  • Ole Miss (3-3)

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