Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wow, what a lot of time spent

maybe I am a pop culturish person. I used to think I wasn't and that K was the real poppy person but I have kept up with all of the movies I have seen for the first time this year and I am up to having watched 65 movies in just under 38 weeks. HOLY COW that seems like a lot of movie time.

On the positive side I can honestly say there have been few real duds in the group, Das Boot & Clerks leap out at me as sucking the worst, but all in all it has been a heck of a movie year for me ranging from the action of The Dark Knight to not my cup of tea of Gosford Park (hey you have to watch something the wife wants at some point) and I just don't get the speciality of Rebel Without a Cause. At this point I will give a top 5 movies of my year

1. The Dark Knight
2. Jumper
3. Walk Hard
4. Iron Man
5. King of California (o.k. I know there is an artificial bump based on the fact I watched it last night but well done movie)

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