Monday, September 22, 2008

When did Hollywood get so old?

Hollywood is about the Movies but it is also about T.V. and the 2008 Emmy's were last night. I can't admit to watching them but I did scroll through some of the pictures and read an article about the winners. What really struck me is how OLD everyone seems to be. When the youngsters of the party are the Grey's Anatomy crew with Dempsey, Oh and Pompeo checking in at 42, 37 and 39 it makes me really wonder about where television is going.

Now there are a few (very few) exceptions of youth as Ferrea is 24 and J. Love Hewitt at 29 but this is offset by probably the most visable show with Desperate Housewives ring in at 44, 46, 46, 45 and Longoria at the youngish 33 which is rivaled by the Sex and the City gang who ring in at 43, 42, 42 and 52.

And I will give you the fact Heroes and Chuck are young and The Office did have a little representation (and you better not be talking bad about Jenna Fischer on my blog). Maybe this is more of a fault of the Emmy's themselves who had a nomination for what I thought was the worst episode of the season for The Office (Dinner Party, really?) and repeatedly packed categories with multiple entries for one show which IMO makes it unfair to others and boring to boot.

Anyway, I guess back to the original question, where is the youth on T.V.?

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