Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mississippi State Football

I know for a few people that might read this thing that I am their go to person for Mississippi State sports info and deep thoughts. My thoughts are as follows

1. I am disappointed with the loss to La. Tech 3 weeks ago, still can't get over that but it was the typical poor play calling on our part.
2. Nothing wrong with the week 2 performance against the lesser SELA
3. I'm actually content with the loss to Auburn, we could have won but if you had said before the season started if you said we would lose by 1 point to a top 10 Auburn team I would have taken it.

Where the positive in this is
4. If you think about it we are 2 plays (a dropped punt in the La Tech game and a missed FG in the Auburn game) from being 3-0 rolling into a beatable Georgia Tech team. All we have to do is get on a bit of an offensive rhythm.
4a. We have gotten much, much better with not having stupid or pre-snap penalties

Where the negative is for me
5. The fact Woody McCorvey is still calling plays. He simply just doesn't get it. Predictable play calls, overly risky things in situations we don't need them (end arounds anyone?), throwing the ball WAY to much and often early in a series forcing us to throw it on 3rd down more often, the playcalling is just soooooo bad.

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