Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keys to Winning with Weight Watchers

As most of you regulars who know me know I have lost a substantial amount of weight (around 40 pounds) doing weight watchers over the summer and I've been off of it for about a month now and have successfully kept all but 2 or 3 pounds of it off and wanted to share my suggestions of how to make weight watchers work for you (assuming you are like me)
  1. Come up with good snacks, all people need snakcs and really the key is to have good snacks. By good I don't necessarily mean good for you (I just can't eat those day after day) but means good as in not SO bad for you. My go to snacks with points are: popcorn - 0, jello - 0, 17 Lite Pringles - 3, yogurt - 2, banana chips - 3 and apple slices - 1.
  2. For max success you have to exercise some. WW is actually a system where you can lose weight by not exercising but it will only be 1 or 2 pounds a week. When I exercised the weight just rolled off with a high of 8 pounds in one week.
  3. You HAVE to control breakfast. For me breakfast was often where the day was made or lost. Keeping breakfast under 5 points (eating a banana and yogurt or a small bowl of non-sugary cereal) allows for enough points in the rest of the day not to go crazy. If you eat some donuts or even pop-tarts for breakfast, forget it unless you plan on eating rabbit food for the rest of the day. Control it early and you can eat a lot more of what you want the rest of the day.
  4. Supplement the process. You will not be eating as much of anything that you used to (except for possibly vegetables which I don't like in general) so I took a multivitamin and more recently have started drinking metamucil to crank up the fiber in my diet. You will learn on WW that fiber is your friend as it allows you to eat more good stuff as it in a way cancels out that dreaded total fat category.
  5. Plan for a bust out day. May be the best thing I came out of WW was something not really on the system. Take 1 day a month, plan for it ahead and you are not counting points that day (maybe it is a wedding, maybe it is tailgating). If you have this day in your plan it makes staying on the plan the other 29/30 days a month much, much easier.
  6. Last tip here is a tough one, you just have to realize that fried food is out. I didn't realize how much fat frying something actually added (that pretty much goes for breading too) but it is an adaption that can made fairly easily (grilled chicken and pork chops instead of fried).

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