Monday, September 22, 2008


After that fairly thought provoking last post (IMO) I have a wish for future technology. I know it is kind of silly but I really think a lot of people would appreciate it and t.v. manufactorers should do this.

There needs to be a program, think of V-chip but lets call it a C-chip, where you can say I don't want these types of commercials being shown on television. Completely up to you whether to turn it on and even can be where you can program it. If our t.v. can suggest programs to watch and Netflix can suggest movies to view then I know we could make this restriction.

What may you ask is it that bothers me so much? I have a list that would be on the very first restricitng made available to me.

  1. Those ASPCA commercials (one of which was just on and gave me this idea of a post), I know it is a valuable service but I don't need depression and sorrow being brought into my home.
  2. Feminine hygiene commercials. yeah I know, but I just don't think these should be on t.v. or at least if they are restrict them as to time and channel like condom commercials are.
  3. Male enhancement commercials - Viagra or any other e.d. commercials are not welcome on my t.v., no Viva Viagra, no when the time is right, none of that
  4. I would also consider, if there was a way, locking out political commercials. I literally change the channel EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a Roger Wicker or Ronnie Musgrove commerical. The mud slung in these commericals is dirtying my house and I won't have it. the C-Chip could save me a lot of clicking power.
Now I am a big friend of free speech but what comes along with that is that I should have the power to not have to watch them and if Sony or Panasonic or whoever sells me my next t.v. can put my C-Chip idea in there I sure would be appreciative.

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