Monday, September 15, 2008

Big props

hard to believe its been a whole week since my last post but I just haven't had the time, this post is to give big, big props to something K and I just bought.

This t.v. stand/cabinet by Canopy is terrific, it is cheap in comparison to most of the other fairly big cabinets out there as costs go at $224 for walking out of the store with it. But that cheap price doesn't reflect the quality of wood. Real wood. I'm not joking here the thing weighed like 95 pounds and was a bitch to get in the car but it was worth it. So, what makes this special you maybe asking? The thing was super easy to put together also. Whole thing, from beginning to end was less than 30 minutes, grooves and metal "sliders" for all the middles and corners, dowels and pegs for the attaching the top and to really reinforce it. It really didn't require reinforcement as the two middle vertical pieces were snug, not too big, not too small but slightly difficult to get in. Couple of taps with a hammer to make sure all the snugness was even and BAM, new snazzy looking (IMO) cabinet. Below are some pictures.

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