Sunday, September 21, 2008

Biden Speech

I will start by saying I'm leaning to voting Republican simply b/c I think a McCain presidency will spend less of my money than an Obama presidency, plus I think Obama likes to have the government give away more stuff (which kind of is and is not the same thing).

That being said I ran across this Joe Biden YouTube with him speaking on what went wrong in the last 2 elections and I really agree with what he mentions. If Democrats really were what he describes then I would possibly vote for them but despite Biden's correctness about the issue I don't see how now is much different than 4 or 8 years ago. Additionally, Biden talks about how national security is the #1 issue and how Dems have to have someone with that experience. What he seems to be forgetting is that of the 2 PRESIDENTIAL candidates the Democrat has minimal experience and the Republican has much, much more on this issue. This wouldn't be true if Biden were at the top of the ticket but he is not, it makes me wonder if he slipped into one of those speeches he gave when he was running for the top spot. I will also add I think I might be more likely to vote Dem for President if Biden was at the top of the ticket instead of Obama.

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