Sunday, August 31, 2008

You Know

You Know as I think of it this is a special Presidential election. I have heard a lot over the past 3 days how bad a pick Palin was (but remember I hang out with a pretty liberal group) but one thing this election has proven is that the American Dream is still alive.

Barack Obama came from what was effectively nothing and as a black man has a real shot at being President of the United States. Just 10 years ago Barack was just a guy who was a state senator and plain ole lawyer and law prof. and still in this short matter of time he has done it.

Sarah Palin came from no where's ville of ALASKA and as a woman has a real shot at being President of the United States (b/c McCain is soooooo old). Ten years ago she was a mayor of a smallish town in Alaska and before that was a city council member, lost a statewide election for Lt. Governor and then rode momentum into a Governorship of one of the smallest population states in the country.

Why I point this out is to say we (the generalized non rich, non standard politicians) can achieve anything possible including getting the most powerful job in the world. That is a good thing and is a far, far cry from 4 years of GHW Bush, 8 of Clinton, 8 of GW Bush and another possible run by Clinton that was snuffed for better or worse.

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