Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too funny

I read several of The Office folks blogs and probably my favorite is Creed Thoughts, a blog by Creed Braton (I hope character blog and not personal blog but it is hard to tell).

This is terrific as Creed discusses how we like to go to libraries even though "Books are for table balancing and throwing at birds". Creed goes "for the air conditioning and the smell", but kids have a different lingo they won't explain to him so he has come up with some new phrases of his own:

Keep it bowlin’ – Everyone likes bowling, so this is a phrase for when you want to tell someone to stay positive. For example, if someone tells you they lost their job, you can just tell them to keep it bowlin’ and that’ll cheer them up.

Ploppers – This means bad. “Did you see that movie last night? It was ploppers.”

Horribly obese – I’m taking this one from the library kids. They say things are fat all the time, so I took it a step further. In this case, it means the most beautiful ever. If a foxy dame comes walking in, you can call her horribly obese. I think it might take some time before it catches on, so use this one with caution because some broads may not have heard it yet and could take it the wrong way.

Willy fingers – Perhaps the hardest to explain, but you get willy fingers when you really want to fight someone. “When my boss was yelling at me, I really started getting willy fingers.” Your fingers start moving real fast and itching because they want to hit something – that’s the willy fingers.

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