Monday, August 18, 2008

So many topics so little time

As I write this I'm supposed to be finishing my class work so K, as you play the Simpson's Road Rage I'm going to blog just a little bit as I just got done with Part A of the assignment.

First up is a flurry of posts that I've done in a Web2.0 Challenge I'm taking part of through the AALL. Next I want to touch on a buddy of mine who is on a massive streak of bad luck and I'm not going to talk about it but I'll direct you to his blog and what he posts is his business. Thirdly I want to talk a bit about politics and McCain getting early answers or not early answers and who gives a damn (hopefully I'll get there). Finally I want to really go off on a friend of a friend but I don't think my friend would necessarily like that plus she is WAY too forgiving in my book to hold it against her friend so hopefully I won't blog about it but it has me riled. Look forward to the posting

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