Monday, August 18, 2008

Second Life?, Who can handle the one they have

I've tried to give Second Life a go but it is just not my thing. I am not the most outgoing of people so I thought SL would be a great thing for me as kind of an anonymous person and make it easier for me, not so much.

I can see the benefit of SL being that their is a lot of information on there and it can be great for the browsing, window shopping kind of person (kind of like my wife). But for a person who wants something goes straight in for it and straight out it seems like SL is way too much trouble. I know there are different strokes for different folks and SL can reach a demographic that is different than me but I think my time and effort put in on it (at this time) are not worth the result or effort.

My experience in learning to move and change my avatar was actually pretty easy, except for that whole Hula thing, but of the things I found pretty cool where things like the News Archive and bibliography section in one of the libraries I visited. One drawback of this is the slow loading time some of the information. It was so slow in the beginning I thought I was doing something wrong but I wasn't and the info eventually showed up.

My library might could take advantage of this by setting up a place for students to come and ask reference questions allowing us to reach a different audience than our more traditional methods but I'm not sure we would reach enough students to account for the time invested. I also think the information we put on SL like Bibs or other things would be more widely used outside of SL than inside, but I may be wrong about this.

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